“Little Library” Shorewood Hills, WI

I love libraries in every way and I wish we did reality shows and documentaries about them — go to cities or small towns anywhere and you can find your people. Readers and seekers and escapists and children.

People being frugal — checking out instead of buying, people using the free computers to look up their ancestors or to try to find a job.

Librarians who happen to have seen a documentary about that question you have…. and children being read to. And, with all the ands and buts of needing to create more belonging and inclusion everywhere — libraries come closest to “everyone is welcome” than almost every public institution.

And the free speech is palpable — the books that do not agree with each other sit beside each other on the shelves so respectfully — all honoring what a library IS.

I have cried in libraries because of all this.

So don’t prompt me about libraries when I have so much to do today. Don’t get me started…. Gotta go but gonna sing in the car now… about libraries…..