This blog should be understood as an attempt to express my personal observations and convictions.  The views expressed are not those of the UW-Madison Global Health Institute, the Holy Wisdom Monastery, my family, or any other group with which I am affiliated. Generally I have put a fair amount of thought into each blog.  When I address a controversial topic, or a topic I feel really emotional about, I wait 48 hours to be sure that I want to publish whatever I have decided to say.  I expect readers to hold me accountable.  I do screen comments, but I pledge to post all comments that are expressed respectfully, even if the writer disagrees with me.  I reserve the right to change my mind, look foolish, and learn from my readers.  I request forgiveness in advance if I get caught up in trying to prove that I am right at the expense of the kind of truth and insight that most people who would bother to comment here are probably seeking.  Call me on that. Please!  I am calling this a proclaimer rather than a disclaimer because I cherish free speech and freedom of the press.  I think ideas matter, and words matter.  I am grateful for every opportunity for tolerant, respectful, free inquiry that I find. 

“Do not be afraid to speak . Be  afraid of what will happen to the whole truth if you don’t.”  Joan Chittister