You won’t believe want happened to me in the Madison Airport on the way to the CUGH conference!  I had a great exchange with Bono himself (sort of) about the MDGs! You can get a good sense of what he said in the Sunday  NY Times this week …. In fact those were pretty much literally his words to me if you know what I mean… He shared his thoughts about what needs to be done and it was really consistent with the things I have been reading from Gates and the UN. He thinks the UN meeting will be important and successful and suggests tuning in for the plenary sessions especially.  So do try to check out those CUGH webcasts and slides.

I know a lot of people are wary about the Bono dynamic, and  feel that we should listen more to African leaders, rather than having Bono do all the talking.  Today I had the feeling that Bono kinda gets that… The critique has more to do with the choices we make as listeners, right?….  So I had no reason to dis Bono. I believe in caring and working for change and justice like he does.  With all the voices coming at me though, I am going to make a special effort to listen to leaders from Africa and other low income countries as I attend these events.  Remember to tune in to the tedxchange event tomorrow online at 10am Madison time (CDT)!  Hope to see some comments here from UW students and faculty.